Effective planning is one of the key cornerstones to establishing sustainable and effective security

Our team of consultants have excellent experience in the development and design of robust and proportionate security planning alongside our clients.

Our start point is to understand your environment, your business and the processes and procedures that allow you to function effectively as a business.

Thereafter we can craft security plans and policies relating to how you want to operate safely and securely. We will work with you to develop plans incorporating important topics such as emergency evacuation and the management and response to suspicious activity.

The effectiveness of your security plan, policies and procedures forms an important cornerstone from which to build your organisation’s integrated security regime.

Ask yourself this:

Do we have a Security Plan?

Do we incorporate policies and procedures within that plan?

Do we have a Business Continuity Plan?

Do our plans complement or conflict with each other?

Have we tested and adjusted these plans, policies and procedures?

We are also able to audit existing plans and provide you with guidance on how to enhance or improve your plans in line with your business functions and the current threat picture.