Covenant consultants possess an acute understanding of threat, risk and vulnerability and how they interact with each other. This defines our straightforward approach to security assessments; to identify your vulnerabilities aligned to the threats and risks you face, examine your compliance obligations, and provide you with the solutions to continue to work and live safely and securely.

We apply a 360 degree assessment process focusing on your business, the environments you work within, your work colleagues and business partners and the processes and functions you conduct and provide. We use our intelligence partners to identify overt and covert threat-based intelligence whilst we identify your physical and procedural vulnerabilities. We assess how you can be targeted and exploited by individuals and groups ranging from opportunists through to organised crime groups, including domestic extremists and terrorists.

We will identify where your current security regime is vulnerable to targeting and exploitation, affecting the safety and security of your staff, customers, business processes and other key assets. You will receive a comprehensive non-technical report that will provide you with clarity concerning our observations, the associated risks and a number of cost effective and proportionate solutions integrated with your existing good working practices, which delivers organisational benefits.

Our consultants have conducted protective security assessments at the highest level, working on behalf of the government ensuring the safety and security of critical infrastructure, people and crowded places such as shopping centres, major sporting arenas, hotels and major transport hubs.