Covenant offers a surveillance service which can meet a range of client needs. Our team members have been trained as UK Police Special Branch and UK Military surveillance operatives, skilled in the art of covert foot and mobile surveillance.

We use surveillance to monitor the activities and changing behaviours of people in order to manage, direct or influence them, and to gain information about who they may be interacting with, and why. If you have concerns that an employee may be acting suspiciously we can work with you to create a surveillance programme to discover what they are up to and effectively manage the situation.

They could be using your premises and systems to conduct private business, to commit crime for their own or others’ benefit, to aid your competitors or undermine you. They may not be doing anything untoward at all, which our surveillance could also confirm, bringing you peace of mind and restoring confidence.

Our surveillance findings will be evidenced in a full report to you, supported as necessary by documents, tracking data, photographs and logs. This package of information is designed to allow you to understand the observed activities of the surveillance subject and make an informed decision about your response.

Come and talk to us in confidence for more details on this service.