At Covenant we offer an on line assessment service which allows you to conduct rapid and directed security assessments of your business estate, regardless of how many separate venues you are responsible for or where they are located around the world. All you need is access to the internet.

We can provide you with a suite of general security assessments, we can build a bespoke programme designed to meet your specific needs, or we can combine those two approaches as you require. We can include particular questions and examine any area of your business estate security within a broad range of disciplines and business activities, including, but not limited to, industry, aviation, maritime, travel and hospitality, sport, finance, retail and VIP residences. Through consultation with you we will design a bespoke on line assessment which will deliver a detailed report on your identified vulnerabilities and support this with up to date advice on how to reduce them in an approach that complements your business stance. Our on line assessments can be rapidly adapted to meet a change in your circumstances with additional questioning added in quickly and seamlessly.
This assessment programme allows you to gather accurate data about your real time security condition in a secure environment and without having to undertake costly and time consuming site visits. The assessment can take less than one hour and multiple sites can be assessed simultaneously in very short timescales. You can use this data for a variety of different purposes:

To understand where your business is vulnerable and to create and deliver mitigation measures, such as physical security, personnel security, training, improved policies and response plans.
As a management tool to recognise specific areas of weakness or poor performance on a site by site basis, regionally, nationally or internationally and to prioritise site visits so you can address the most vulnerable or highest profile venues first.
To arrange site security surveys with Covenant security consultants or access our portfolio of other services.

To help you understand the value of this innovative and highly effective tool we have provided a short demonstration assessment for you to complete whilst visiting our website. This will take you through a few of the elements available in this service and allow you to view a sample of the report generated at the completion of a full assessment. We have included a range of general questions which are supported by some low level generic advice, this will populate the sample report and give you an outline of how the service operates.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our services, if you wish to explore the on line assessment programme further or discuss any of our other products please get in touch with us using the details on our Contacts page.