Professional confidence comes from knowledge

Many of today’s businesses require their people to travel globally to communicate face to face with clients and customers and cement relationships.  Clearly, not all destinations are as safe and secure as the UK.

Covenant recognises this.

We provide a range of services that are designed to meet the needs of your people so they can travel and work in complex and potentially hostile environments.

Our travel risk management services are complemented by a sector leading intelligence platform that provides us with detailed information on the likely threats and risks associated with your future destinations. 

Covenant subject matter experts can provide:

Knowledge & capability short courses for security staff bespoke to your requirement

The services include:

Threat & risk based destination assessments using our intelligence platform and global travel knowledge
A comprehensive travel safety awareness workshop specific to your needs that covers everything today’s business traveller should be aware of and consider as part of their planning
Bespoke travel safety briefings for you and your staff that are intelligence based and destination specific

Corporate duty of care legislation:

The Health & Safety At Work Act 1974
The Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007
Management of Health & Safety Regulations 1999