Little regard for political and geographic boundaries

Much of today’s crime is committed with little regard for political and geographic boundaries, unfortunately this is particularly relevant for acts of terrorism, including cyber crime. Recent incidents have highlighted how terrorists are now operating, as they recruit and train members, then plan and deliver attacks using the internet and social networks.

Protecting people and assets from these attacks takes time, care and resourcefulness, involving an understanding of the threats, the risks and the vulnerabilities. The team at Covenant has extensive experience in developing and delivering protective security advice to a wide range of clients, including on behalf of HM Government, protecting assets from established and emerging threats emanating from across the globe and targeted at interests within the UK and located in other countries.

Achieving an effective package of integrated security measures aligned to threat and risk requires access to up to the minute information and intelligence, supported by the ability to interpret and manage that data quickly and appropriately. At Covenant we work closely with our intelligence partners who constantly monitor and analyse global networks for intelligence and information. We use this to identify where there may be a threat to our clients and to tailor our security recommendations accordingly. This also allows us to deliver a proactive service and affords the potential to provide timely warnings of imminent threats in an environment where just a few hours can make the world of difference.