The Covenant team has a wealth of knowledge and experience developed over successful careers working globally and in the UK within the British military, law enforcement and the intelligence community.

Our consultants have worked as individuals and team members at strategic and operational levels delivering key elements of the British Government’s counter-terrorism strategy, focused on the protection of people, places, infrastructure and other vital business assets.

Our work has received recognition from the British Government as substantially contributing to the safety and security of people living and working within the UK and wider afield.

We have developed a credible portfolio of work that includes involvement in:

The 2012 London Olympic Games
HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations
The 2014 football World Cup
Covert security arrangements for a high profile public military event
Protective security arrangements in support of MP’s
Protective security services aligned to VIP’s
Intelligence services supporting client projects

Covenant is focused on the recruitment of high quality security specialists as part of our quality assurance towards our clients in order to meet their needs, concerns and expectations in a fast changing world.


How we work


We will identify where your current security regime is vulnerable to targeting and exploitation.


We will explain clearly how these vulnerabilities affect the safety and security of your staff, customers, business processes and other key assets.


Through a structured and systematic approach we will provide you with cost-effective, proportionate solutions integrated with existing good practice, delivering organisational benefits.

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